(It's for older versions, needs to be updated)
HELP for the HUD versions:

FOUR easy steps to see the movie:

one two three four... /  click click click push....

1. Click CAM ON (HUD disappears)
2. Click the HUD again, the menu will appear
3. Click START
4. Push ESC

Now you should be seeing the movie. If there is more than one movie, there will be the TITLE instead of "START" .
The menu will disappear again as long as the movie runs.
Remain in the movie until it stops ~ it is short
(if you do not, you may need to relog)

THREE easy steps to end watching the movie:

one two three... / click click detach...

When the movie has ended, if the menu is not to be seen, 

1. Click the HUD
2. Click CAM OFF (if you want to leave)
3. Detach the HUD.

(Otherwise choose another option, if there is one...
such as another movie.)

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