HELP for MOVIE BALLS to sit/pose on.

1. Click a ball 

    (then you sit or pose, a menu appears)
2. Choose a movie from the menu

    (choose what you want by clicking. In newer versions  there is no menu, the movie runs immediately)
3. Don't stand up before the movie ends.

    (whenever you see the menu you can leave by "EXIT", if not, wait until  it appears again, then you can leave. )
4. Leave by clicking "EXIT" in the menu.

     (In  newer versions you don't need to click for EXIT, the script unsits  you at the end)

Why better not stand up while the movie runs? 

Sometimes I experienced the following: I stood up in the middle of a camera movement (that means, the script is fast working to move the camera). Then I had repeatedly script error warnings in the chat window which I couldn't stop, because there was no menu to stop it.
I solved the problem by resetting the script, so it stopped. That was possible, because I was the owner of the script and was able to reset it. 
But you can't, because you don't own the script.
What you can do then is to leave the sim and come back if you want to. If that doesn't help, you have to relog. That should help. 
If not, you have to wait until I am online, so I can reset the script then. 
So, if you (and your actual avatar) have a very important date, you better should try this kind of movies with an alt.

This problem is temporary (I hope), the script will be improved. Then you can stand up if you want and the script will stop and reset automatically. A first try is already in the script, but it doesn't always work. 

NEW: Rightclick the prim. Choose EDIT then CONTENT and look for a button named "Reset Scripts". Click it. All should br ok now. You can also click the prim again now and EXIT.

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