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Read troubleshooting remarks at bottom.
After you made a Coded Live Movie with the HUD, you can see it immediately in Second Life. If you want a machinima, you have to record the movie with Fraps or Bandicam. A link to how to do that will follow here. But now back to the HUD.

The first options (EXIT, MOVIE, GETVIEW) are the same as in the free basic version. The new options make it more comfortable to work with the HUD.
- >> EXIT <<<  stops the script and brings back your standard camera view.
- MOVIE Runs the movie
- GETVIEW Gets the actual view (your screen) as coordinates and rotation in chat, copy and write it into the EDLC notecard then

- VIEW 1-11, VIEW 12-22, VIEW 23-33 You can watch single views
- WEBHELP    This page
- WORKMOVIE Runs the movie with remarks needed for working
- TRYMOVIE See below
- PREVIOUS   Back one view
- NEXTVIEW Forward one view
- INFO NC      Gives you a notecard for info

With VIEW 1-11, VIEW 12-22, VIEW 23-33 you can see up to 33 views (As single views not as a movie. The movie can have more views. View 34 you can have with NEXTVIEW etc. ). Reminder: A VIEW looks like this: 

<14.06014, 84.28810, 19.42281>, <0.58384, -0.34089, 0.63631, 0.37153> 6 

You can get it by chosing something you want to show (your actual screen) and clicking GETVIEW. See: CODED MOVIE MAKING.

If you have chosen a single view you can see the next or previous view by clicking the corresponding buttons NEXTVIEW or PREVIOUS.

WEBHELP:       This page.

You should work with WORKMOVIE first, because you get some information in local chat concerning what notecardline you are watching etc. MOVIE shows you the movie only without further informations. WORKMOVIE and MOVIE are reading from the same EDLC notecard.

By clicking TRYMOVIE you'll see the menu below.
The idea is, that you can try a sequence of shots before you insert them into the MOVIE notecard (EDLC) or afterwards if you want to change something.
Put some views into the EDLC_TRY notecard and you'll see them as single views by clicking TryView 1 to 10 or the sequence by clicking RUNTRYMOVIE. NEXTVIEW or PREVIOUS will not work for this at the moment.

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Two quotes from LSL Wiki : Camera:
"It seems like the camera does not always release properly when unsitting an avatar (I would add: Or detaching a HUD, Ataro A.) even though permissions are lost." "The camera can often not behave as one would desire."
( )

"Camera not released properly" means: You are stuck in a camera view and you can't get rid of it. Due to lag or a bug in the script etc., this happens sometimes, but not very often. 
What can you do then? 
Maybe you forgot to leave without clicking >> EXIT << ? Wait until you can click the HUD again and leave with >> EXIT <<.
 If not, camera emergency shortcuts may help:
SHIFT-ESC, maybe twice - and/or CTRL-9
Or: Move your avatar some steps forward  

or Teleport to another sim (and come back, works most of the time)
or Relog. 

Quickest: Rightclick the HUD, choose EDIT -> CONTENT and look for a button named "Reset Scripts". Click it. All should be ok then.
(Firestorm and Linden Viewer) 

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