Montag, 24. Februar 2014

INSILICO SOUTH (Working Title). A Coded Live Movie

Mars looks very different now after rebuilding (although interesting), don't know if my story is possible there.
(Heard yesterday (end of Febr. 2014) that Insilico South will be rebuilt. So I stop it and wait for the new one)
This movie is about a cup of coffee you drink on Mars. It's the old struggle between HOME and STRANGENESS. Mars is very strange. But if you sit at a table and have a cup of coffee, you feel at home. A small part of Mars has changed to HOME.


- Attach the HUD

- TP to Mars first (Insilico south)

- Sit down on this chair: (Pic not taken on mars, just a sample pic)

- Load the musicstream if you like (drum and bass)

- Click MOVIE and push ESC

- Remove the UI  with CTL / ALT / F1. (by doing this you will see what UI = User Interface is)

- Remove the HUDs from the screen with Shift / ALT / H (and toggle back)

- MOVIE should run now

(not finished)

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