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Note: This inworld movie is not longer available on LEA2 performance sim. But you can see a machinima of it on 

And its in the cinema too (Cee Cee)
This is a movie where you sit (or other pose) on a little "movie ball". A menu appears:


Click LETITLOAD first. It shows a view of the set and lets the textures load. So the movie begins without grey parts. Some seconds are enough. Then:

Click SMOKESTACK to see the movie

WEBHELP shows you this page
With   >>  EXIT  <<  you stand up and leave the movie

Recommended settings:

Windlight: Yello Yellatto (get it HERE )
[AnaLu] outdoor city (Firestorm) and others are good too, but different. 
Others: Sheer Surreality (to be continued)

Draw distance: 250 is enough, Firestorm needs more, if not the whole. Try.

Sound: Parcel music.

More general on movie balls see options above or click here (new window).

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