Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013


Note: This inworld movie is not longer available on LEA2 performance sim. But you can see a machinima of it on 

This is a movie where you sit (or other pose) on a little "movie ball". A menu appears:

CONTACT     WEBHELP      >>  EXIT <<

Click CONTACT to see the movie
WEBHELP shows you this page
With   >>  EXIT  <<  you stand up and leave the movie

Recommended settings:

Windlight: No special windlight setting needed, the movie set is in the inside of a sphere. 

Draw distance: 250 is enough, Firestorm needs more, if not the whole. Try.

RenderVolumeLODFactor: 4000 (in Debug Settings, to see small scultpties)

Sound Effect only (recommended). Or parcel music if you like. 

Script generated title and credits. Sometimes laggy loading.

More general on movie balls see options above or click here (new window).

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